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Letter: Kudos to Sanders, Trump for challenging status quo

Kudos to Sanders, Trump for challenging status quo

It seems there are two principal factors why our country is still in decline: Information like unemployment stats are getting skewed in favor of those who are profiting from today’s institutionalized trade and economic policy, and too many believe what they want to believe in spite of contrary evidence.

Steve Jobs, who used his innovative American ingenuity to export technology and jobs to China, is publicized as a national superhero.

Why do you suppose the horrendous global greenhouse impact of shifting most U.S. industrial production to countries where no pollution or labor controls exist is never discussed?

Today, parents’ health insurance covers children to age 26 because many young adults still live with their parents into their 30s. Thirty years ago, this situation was unheard of because getting a job with a living wage and paying for college was not the problem it is today.

For those who think union bashing is appropriate, Google “early economic and labor conditions in the U.S.” Labor union and management relations are not always easy, and both need regulation, but they are like husband and wife to a thriving economy. Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp certainly benefited from their earlier experiences as successful organizers and officers in their respective collective bargaining organizations.

Two presidential candidates seem to be challenging the system. Bernie Sanders focuses on returning government economic and political representation back to the people. The fact that tariffs were useful in achieving reciprocity throughout U.S. history and were the primary source of revenue before income tax is apparently not lost on Donald Trump. Hurrah!

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park