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Letter: Glib ‘God bless America’ has little meaning to pols

Glib ‘God bless America’ has little meaning to pols

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are just a few who have been part of the vote-seeking caravan barnstorming the idyllic landscape of our country. The print and electronic media keep us abreast, to our dubious pleasure, with endless commentary and staged pictures for our daily consumption. You can be assured the stars and stripes of Old Glory will always be displayed. Almost as inevitably will be the flippantly delivered remark, “God bless America.”

We don’t know if God is pleased or even up to the offered challenge. It is a monumental request from a society that continues to reject his laws. We are a land of excessive violence, particularly toward the unborn. Our pervading national movement to desecrate the sanctity of marriage is but another example of our pernicious menu of disparity. It is unclear how many in the public square view “God bless America” as a prayer. Let people of faith do as they believe, which is the power of prayer, as well as see its need in present day society.

Those vying to command the ship of state may let the invocation drip from their lips as drops into the ocean. But we desire to barnacle the request for God’s assistance right to the bow of the ship. We must be resolute in holding to our purpose to bring God’s salvific presence and power into play in our time of need. That time is now! May God bless America.

Monsignor Robert J. Williamson