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Letter: Separation of church, state is essential to our republic

Separation of church, state is essential to our republic

This letter is in response to a Feb. 6 letter from a reverend who believes this country needs to get back to biblical values. I think he needs to reread the Constitution and the founding of this country’s history. The government was specifically set up to provide for separation of church and state. The original settlers were seeking this new land to flee religious persecution.

The writer believes in Jesus and biblical values, and that is his right. I am a secular humanist, and I believe that is my right. To hear candidates in the coming election state that biblical law should take precedence over our Constitution, I think not. What about my rights, and the rights of people who practice Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism or any other religion? Should belief in a traditional Christian God trump all others’ right to worship or not as they see fit?

I may be an atheist in the reverend’s eyes, but I live my life with ethics, morals and compassion. I do not need the fear of hell or the promise of heaven to guide my life. I believe that his letter suggesting such is prejudiced to millions of people and totally off base.

Edward Wells