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Niagara County real estate transactions


• 4540 Thrall Road, Joseph S. Lombardo to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $362,211.

• 3914 Lower Mountain Road, Leonard R. Goerss; Valerie A. Lehman to Donald W Barton III; Christine A. Goerss-Barton, $165,000.


• 9826 Pearson Road, Matthew A. Wronski; Terry J. Wronski to Edward C. Gillings; Jennifer J. Gillings, $173,000.


• Legacy Dr. Carriage Houses at the Legacy Condo Unit 201 Bldg 731, LMK Realty Associates to Bernadette Sloma; Michael Sloma, $242,725.

• 958 James Drive, Gretchen Smith Brown; Dorothy O. Smith; Gretchen Smith; Kenneth E Smith Jr.; Richard B. Smith; Robert E. Smith; William H. Smith to Leah J. Clements, $140,000.

• 435 Oneida St., Anne M Bax; Sharon Keller to Rosalind Dibacco, $120,000.

• 2825 Maple St., Linda J. Newcomb; Ray A. Newcomb; Gloria M. Pembleton; William S. Pembleton to Zachary Almond, $90,000.

• Chicora Drive, Nathan Shumaker; Robert Shumaker to Judy A. Civiletto, $57,500.


• Harding Ave., Allyn J. Crofts; Ann G. Dings to Derek J. Demaio; Kimberly L. Demaio, $125,000.

• 206 Green St., John Higgins to Fannie Mae, $81,274.

• East Ave., Bruce W. Flagler; Linda K. Flagler to Heather Quattrini; Thomas Quattrini, $80,000.

• 89 Ontario St., Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust; US Bank National Assoc.; Wells Fargo Bank to SCT Property Management, $40,500.

• 210 Ontario St., Valerie L. Adams; Valerie L. Cavalieri; Valerie L. Solomon to First Niagara Bank, $24,315.


• 6848 Kimberly Drive, Fannie Mae to Anne V. Pacouloute; Perry R. Pacouloute, $210,000.

• Day Road, Julie K. Rohde; Kevin J. Rohde to William R. Brian; Gwen M. Mahar, $210,000.

• 4270 Day Road, Eugene Jendras Jr.; Jackie A. Jendras to Mary McConnell-Terranova; Concetta Terranova, $198,900.

• 7079 Academy Lane, Crestview Property Holdings to Devin E. Wilson, $109,900.

• Parkwood Drive, Jarrod J. Barry; Theresa B. Barry; Theresa B. Rutkowski to Timothy J. Cammarata; Kaliope Pozantides, $106,000.


• Ridge Road, Sheila A. Reagan; Anna L. Strong; Robert W. Strong to Glenn A Devole Jr., $99,900.

• Franklin St. & Leonard Ave., James M. McDonough; Kathleen Ann McDonough to David Barone, $85,000.

• 1012 Lockport Olcott Road, Timothy J. Burden to Lake Holdings, $79,000.

• The Heights, Glen I. Sears to Jamie E. Smith, $75,000.

• Brown Road, Barbara Ann Herman; Wesley N. Herman to Daniel Sherwood, $20,900.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $182,082 Average price: $59,871 Median price: $55,000 Number of Sales: 32

• 163 76th St., Linda M. Dube to Matawin Ventures Trust; Kondaur Capital Corp., $182,082.

• Ashwood Drive, Michael D. Placek to Joseph J. Destino, $140,000.

• 209 & 211 Ferry Ave & 449 & 459 & 473 & 461 & 465 & 455 2nd St., Wei Guo to New Sunrise Realty; Cheong Chung Tsang, $115,000.

• 3912 Bell St., Donna P. Gratto; Jeffrey S. Post to Fannie Mae, $103,248.

• Bk D Joliet Ave., Isabelle Cappello; John Cappello; John A. Cappello to John A. Cappello; Christopher J. Philbrick; Joanne I. Philbrick; Kimberly A. Philbrick; Walter T. Philbrick, $100,000.

• Dell Drive, Christine D. Libassi to Andrew B. Klebaur; Lisa R. Klebaur, $100,000.

• 1333 Garrett Ave., Gregory P. Ringle to Nicole Talarico; Victor Talarico, $94,000.

• 84th St., Donald E. Schul; Donald R. Schul to Randy M. Blumer; Holly Lynn Hazlett, $90,000.

• 76th St., Benjamin J. Bidell to Michael K. Eustice, $79,000.

• 6261 Lindbergh Ave., Harold E Ewing Sr.; Harold E. Ewing; Mary Ewing to Pyretta Brooks; Robert Brooks, $72,000.

• 16th St., Susan Badorian; Angelo Ryan; Frank C. Ryan to Chanitra McDougald, $61,000.

• 30th St., Ann M. Correa; William Correa; Ann M. Little to Yanira O. Maldonado, $61,000.

• Forest Ave., Patricia Diane Ammons; Betty Jean Grover; Margie L. Lostracco to Robert Michael Lavango, $57,000.

• 523 Memorial Parkway, Vernon E. Carr to Citimortgage Inc, $56,802.

• 57th St., Theresa M. Bachleda; Judith A. Kepple to Gregory J. Mack, $55,500.

• 99th St., Robert C. Bunce to Eugene Cherry, $55,000.

• 92nd St., Arlene M. Esan to John J. Sweeney, $51,000.

• Seneca Ave., Lester M. Dyson; Lester Martin Dyson; John J. Saad to John J Saad III, $49,900.

• Walnut Ave & 18th St., Linkside LLC to Wolfcat Properties, $48,000.

• 2212 Lasalle Ave., DHGF LLC to Bethel Real Estate Investment, $47,625.

• Unit 2A 86th St., Dominic E. Delbrocco; Julia M. Delbrocco to James Bateman III; Jody Bateman, $38,000.

• 470 76th St., Fannie Mae to Phillip Fournier, $35,000.

• Cleveland Ave., Yoshiko Wagler to Amie J. Batista, $33,920.

• 624 21st St., Brian J. McKean to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $32,803.

• 15th St., Jagmohan Singh Dhillon to Niagara Comfort Vacation Rentals, $30,000.

• 3073 Monroe Ave., Justine A. Napoleon; Mary Ann Zak to Dorin Constantin Ciurusniuc, $30,000.

• Spruce Ave., Alla Iounoussova to Avind Kumar Huria, $25,500.

• 31st St., Christine Christie; William E. Christie; Jill M. Plavetzki to Trillium Group Properties; Cyrus Gatta, $22,000.

• 2420 Pierce Ave., Timothy J. Strack to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $19,000.

• 1337 Lasalle Ave., Copperwood LLC to Wing Properties, $14,000.

• 9th St., Janet Elizabeth Briggs; Larry Willard Briggs to KC Erie Niagara Properties, $9,000.

• Pierce Ave., Frank Gianquinto; Rosa Gianquinto to Milton Williams Jr., $8,500.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $235,000 Average price: $108,729 Median price: $99,500 Number of Sales: 14

• 250 Dimatteo Drive, Jamie L. Holler; Jason C. Holler to Christine York; James M. York, $235,000.

• Brentwood Drive, Linda P. Drimmer; Steven J. Drimmer to Jaclyn M. Garlapow; John Sanchez Jr., $200,900.

• 362 Homestead Drive, Fred M. Carowick; Loretta J. Carowick to Adam R. Meister; Jennifer L. Morath, $180,000.

• Sun Valley, Bennie L. Baskin; Charlotte M. Baskin to Megan Henderson, $158,894.

• Wall St & Pierce Ave., Shirley A. Samanka to Jaimie J. Samanka, $120,000.

• 739 Lee Ave., Tilden Brown to Prospect Lending, $108,468.

• 378 Bennett St., David W. Manth; James E. Manth; John G. Manth; Jennifer E. Wittkowsky to Edward A. Yaminski, $99,500.

• Remington Drive, Carole Shuemaker to Jonathan R. Adams, $86,450.

• Washington St., St Mark Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of North Tonawanda Niagara County New York to Keith Knupp; Shellie Knupp, $75,000.

• Schenck St., Carol A. Franz; Kenneth H. Franz to Amanda M. Russell; Michael R. Russell, $65,000.

• 251 Vandervoort St., Wells Fargo Home Equity Trust; HSBC Bank USA to Brent M. Bernosky, $60,000.

• 494 Bryant St., Fannie Mae to Gregory Hanlon; Michelle Hanlon, $53,500.

• 49 6th Ave., Eon Verrall; Kelly Verrall to Kathleen Baich; Peter Baich, $41,500.

• Allen St., Arthur E. Neilson; Helen M. Neilson; Eva L. Powers to James A. Zellner, $38,000.


• Devonshire Lane, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Amie Defilippo; Paul Defilippo, $328,600.

• Devonshire Lane, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Eric J. Tucker, $277,910.

• Mapleton Road, Dawn Michelle Nepokroeff; Joseph Nepokroeff to Edward Clifton; Diann M. Granto-Bialik, $213,000.

• Devonshire Lane, Campbell Pendleton to NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York, $53,620.

• 6079 Campbell Blvd., Dawn Mitchell to Jack Mitchell, $8,100.


• Andre Place, James P. Dugos to Holly Placek; Michael D. Placek, $176,000.

• Lake Road, Lawrence E. Weibert to Adam A. Kycia, $145,000.

• Lake Road, Erva B Graf Revocable Trust; Erva B. Graf to Kevin J. McCabe; Michael L. McCabe, $32,000.


• Fisk Road, Brad R. Gulick to Cartus Financial Corp, $265,000.

• 8980 Fisk Road, Cartus Financial Corp to Carolyn G. Lokken; Terry W. Lokken, $265,000.

• Chestnut Ridge Road, Barbara J. Wheat; Paul H. Wheat to Julie K. Rohde, $148,500.


• 3616 Brandywine Road, GMD Development to Betty M. Britt; Patrick D. Britt, $294,900.

• Ward Road, Pyretta J. Brooks to Andrew J. Laplante, $150,000.

• Stenzel Ave., Joanne B. Schultz; Lawrence W. Thiemecke to Anthony J. Ricigliano, $122,000.

• 2184 Lancelot Drive, Jody A. Barto; Jeffrey R. Edsall to Matawin Ventures Trust; Kondaur Capital Corp, $118,420.

• Brent Drive, Edmund Tyszka; Joan E. Tyszka to Joseph Bradley; Lauren Bradley, $30,000.


• 26 Riverview Drive, Donald F. Stewart; Dora M. Stewart to Jerome Maillet, $112,000.

• Willow Road, Lorenz K. Greger to Allison M. Harmon; Corey S. Harmon, $17,000.