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Letter: Use revenue from tickets to enhance public safety

Use revenue from tickets to enhance public safety

Since the City of Buffalo has decided to increase traffic law enforcement to generate revenue for the city, it is only fitting that a significant portion of that revenue be allocated for public safety purposes.

Every year, numerous collisions occur involving emergency vehicles responding to calls. In addition to the potential for injury, it is financially costly to the city for property damage and related lawsuits.

Technology, known as Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Pre-emption, is available and has the potential to significantly reduce the number of such collisions. Essentially the system consists of placing a receiving device atop selected traffic signals. Emergency vehicles are equipped with a transmitter, which when activated manually will change the signal to green in whatever direction the vehicle is proceeding, with all other directions changing to red. A white flashing light atop the traffic signal further alerts traffic to the approach of the emergency vehicle.

The system clearly has the potential to reduce accidents and improve emergency vehicle response time. Hopefully the city will consider purchasing such technology and ultimately it will be installed throughout the county.

David R. Markus