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Letter: Keep park visitors informed on tree removal in Allegany

Keep park visitors informed on tree removal in Allegany

When Western New Yorkers pack their weekend bags and travel to Allegany State Park, they do so to relax, spend time with friends and find adventure. Add to that, tranquility, fresh cedar- and pine-scented air, hills with mysterious views and mighty trees that touch the stars and capture one’s soul. They are the essence of Allegany.

But when a group of my friends visited the park last fall, they were greeted with an unplesant sight. A large area of trees had been cut down, with their stumps left behind. Why? Would more be removed?

Eventually the answer surfaced. The roots of the trees could compromise the structural integrity of the nearby Red House Dam. A logical explanation. But it would be beneficial to park enthusiasts if a brief but well-communicated message was offered to people in hopes they will find out about such changes before their visit, so it’s not tarnished with aggravation. After all, it is everyone’s park.

Judy Catalano