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City Hallways (Feb. 12) Honoring Buffalo Legend


Lance Diamond Way

It would be at the corner of Elmwood and West Utica, a corner Lance Diamond frequented many times.

Lance Diamond Way.

Niagara Councilman David Rivera is proposing the city install a trailblazing sign  commemorating Diamond  in front of Milkie's, the former Elmwood Lounge, where the lounge singer  started his career and regularly performed.

The sign would be on the street pole at 522 Elmwood Ave.

"He is an adored staple in the City of Buffalo," Rivera's resolution says of Diamond, who died in 2015. "Lance is  beloved and missed by many fans who remember his music, warmth, and humor..."


Uber euphemisms

One  of my  20-something-year-old daughters, visiting from New York City,  told me she has a 4.8 Uber rating. I wasn't sure  what  that meant, but  given's  Buffalo's Uber interest, I  thought I'd ask and share.

Me to daughter: "What are  you talking  about ?"

Daughter to me: "It means I'm a great passenger."

Just as individual Uber passengers rate drivers, she said, drivers rate passengers.

And just as driver ratings are shared with passengers, passenger ratings are shared with drivers.

Passengers get good ratings, she said,  if they're on time - in other words, if they are ready when the car arrives;  and generally,  she said, by not being a jerk  (apparently an Uber euphemism  for a stumbling drunk who throws up  in the back seat of the car, from what she told me).

So that 4.8 rating, that's on a scale of what?, I asked her.

It's  4.8 out of  5, she replied.

Good to know.

Neighborhood News:

Vasius Panagopoulos wants to re-open a take-our restaurant at 1900 Hertel, corner of Carmel.

Buffalo Meats requests license to open at 1036 E. Ferry a  retail store with food, including meats.

City Appliance & Metal requests license to open at 1125 Broadway, selling old and new appliances

Calender Items
Today is the birthday of former President Abraham Lincoln, born  Feb.12, 1809

Housekeeping: City Hallways taking Monday off for President's Day.


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