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City Hallways (Feb. 11) The Buildings Squad

Sherman Street building causing concern in City Hall. Where's the landlord?

Sherman Street building causing concern in City Hall. Where's the landlord?

Where's Kibar?

The one-time church at 413 Sherman St. has been the topic of many conversations in City Hall, and not usually pleasant ones. It's a run-down building, owned by Brooklyn investor Mohammed Kabir, who purchased the property in 2012 for $1,000. Council President Darius Pridgen, the Ellicott District Councilman, says Kabir once told him he would turn the building - at the corner of Sycamore not far from Broadway - into a community center. Instead, the building deteriorated over the years. It's now a hide-out for rats  and criminals - used for drug deals and prostitution - and has a laundry list of property code violations, Pridgen said.

At Pridgen's request, the Common Council recently adopted a resolution asking Kabir to attend a Council session to discuss his plans for the building. Kabir never showed. The Buffalo News tried Wednesday, but was unable to contact Kabir for comment.

Pridgen said his next step is to meet with city attorneys, then ask Housing Court  to help out.
"I"m going to ask the judge to issue whatever form of order he can against a property owner," Pridgen said.

Continuing our State of the City look back

In his 2016 State of the City speech, Mayor Brown talked of ensuring the city's growing prosperity spreads throughout the city, reaching all residents.

Given that, I checked some census data and related reports and came up with  this by-the-numbers glimpse of who's been struggling in Buffalo's economy:

Buffalo's poverty rate 2014: 31.3 %

* Among whites: 20%
* Among blacks: 36%
*Among Asians: 38 %
*Among Hispanics: 56 %

Erie County unemployment rate 2010-2014, by race:

*Among whites: 6.4 %
*Among Hispanics: 13.6%
*Among blacks: 17.3%
*Among blacks between 20 and 24 years old: 20.5%
*Among whites between 20 and 24 years old: 8.2%

Information from U.S. Census estimates and analysis of census data by Partnership for the Public Good.

Mayor Brown, speaking in video clip at State of the City:
"We're all part of this city. From the East Side to the West Side, whether a new  immigrant or returning veteran, let's work together to make Buffalo a shining city of opportunity for everyone.:

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