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Letter: County should institute ban on microbeads now

County should institute ban on microbeads now

The recent article in The News about our County Legislature’s consideration of banning the implementation of a county law banning the use of microbeads in consumer products seems a bit strange. Why would our Legislature even consider not implementing this law at this time? The reason given in the article is that a federal law is pre-empting the local measure and gives the industries using microbeads until mid 2017 to come up with microbead-free products.

I am not a constitutional scholar, but I do remember a word called “federalism” where the federal government cannot impede on state rights and laws. It seems to me that we should be entitled to pass laws for our own health and benefit and not be the victims of delay tactics from Washington, D.C., lobbyists. With all the cancers that are prevalent in Western New York, we should all wonder if these microbeads are a contributing factor.

The federal law does not take effect until 2017, so why can’t we implement this county law until then? It is a simple question. However, I’m sure paid lobbyists for the beautification industry will come up with an answer that seems logical, but in effect puts us all at risks, akin to what happened in Flint, Mich. Protecting the profit margin of some company over the protection of our families is bad policy all the way around, and our legislators should know that.

Norman Machynski