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Letter: Sanders is our best hope to turn country around

Sanders is our best hope to turn country around

Thirty five years ago, the American people made a disastrous decision to elect leaders who adopted “trickle down” economic policies that promised prosperity for everyone. Today, the average worker is far worse off, our country is trillions of dollars in debt, climate change has proven to be a genuine threat and opportunities for young people to gain success are thin on the ground. It is time for a real change, but frustrated voters do not always know what direction to take.

Bernie Sanders offers a genuine alternative to the reformers who offer slight improvements upon existing conditions. Sanders will fight to break up the big banks, expand Social Security, guarantee health care for all, reform the criminal justice system, raise taxes on the wealthy, provide family and medical leave for all workers, raise the minimum wage, rebuild our physical infrastructure and enact other progressive policies. His agenda is a return to the pragmatic progressivism of FDR, which led to decades of prosperity for the typical American. Sanders is the latest, best hope to turn this country back onto the proper path and restore the American Dream for the next generation without turning our backs on other groups.

Yvonne Downes