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Letter: Advertisers could learn lesson from Super Bowl

Advertisers could learn lesson from Super Bowl

I’m impressed, I mean, really impressed, that it is possible to have someone produce an advertisement for TV that doesn’t start out with a loud, horn-blowing tractor trailer, followed by a screaming salesman trying to entice customers into a showroom.

During the Super Bowl commercials, I had the mute button ready just in case. I actually watched them without my blood pressure hitting the ceiling as it does when most of our normal loud, obnoxious commercials come on.

I wonder when the advertisers are going to wise up and get it through their heads that the main reason people record their favorite programs and watch them at a later time is to fast-forward through their annoyingly loud commercials. Proof has it in watching the Super Bowl. People actually wanted to see the commercials. The volume of all the ads was equal to the volume I set on my TV, not 90 decibels louder. How weird was that?

Ken Zuchlewski