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Fresh Express bagged salad recalled

Fresh Express has voluntarily recalled some of its bagged, chopped romaine lettuce because it is not properly labeled for allergens.

A production error caused packets of condiments from another product to be packaged inside the bags of lettuce. Those condiments are not listed on the product’s label, and contain ingredients that could pose a risk to those with milk, eggs, wheat and fish allergies or sensitivities.

The affected product is packaged in 32-ounce Fresh Express bags with a use-by date of Feb. 19. They have a product code of G034A06A and a UPC code of 0 7127926100 3.

Fresh Express is a division of Chiquita Brands International.

Consumers are asked to contact the store for a full refund. For consumers without those allergies and sensitivities, the product is otherwise safe to eat. Consumers can also call the Fresh Express Consumer Response Center toll free at 1-800-242-5472.