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Letter: Palin’s criticism is not rooted in facts

Palin’s criticism is not rooted in facts

Recently, Donald Trump was endorsed by Sarah Palin. She criticized the Obama administration for negligence in funding programs for our veterans. She did not check her facts. Over the years, this administration has increased the budget for veterans – most of it targeted for health care. In addition, the president has increased funding for the homeless, hiring veterans as police officers, in the health fields, etc.

In 2015, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki requested from Congress a 6.5 percent increase in funding for the VA, with most going to health care. Before congressional hearings, he targeted three areas for increased funding: expansion of health care, ending veterans’ homelessness and clearing the backlog of disability claims.

I also wonder why Palin’s sudden interest in veterans. Did she advocate for them prior to her son’s return from the war zone? It appears to me that she attempts to criticize the Obama administration when it is politically expedient for her and the one she supports. Prior to her son’s return, how many veterans hospitals did she visit? Both Obama and his wife have done so. Michelle Obama and Jill Biden have made it their crusade to support military families. I do not recall Palin doing the same.

We owe our veterans the very best in medical care and other benefits for protecting us from our enemies, and our freedom. I speak from experience, having served veterans suffering from combat trauma at the VA Medical Center. Thank God for their unselfish service.

Joseph W. Strychasz, LCSW