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Letter: Unions are fighting corporate oppression

Unions are fighting corporate oppression

“Let’s ban mandatory union dues,” declared a Jan. 27 letter writer. He bases this assertion on nothing but his personal experience when working for two firms – one union and the other not.

The unionized company went out of business, in his view, because of labor costs. He went on to say he was paid “equal” wages in the non-unionized facility. If, as he said, he was paid the same wages, then why didn’t that company also go out of business? Perhaps it was due to poor management, poor or obsolete products, poor marketing; one could go on and on.

To declare unions caused one of these firms to fail and the other to continue in business on such flimsy evidence is dishonest or lazy.

Unions are the primary countervailing force against corporate oppression of workers and the main reason we have had, until recently, a growing middle class. Fairness dictates that all workers pay for the wages and benefits that a union negotiates for them.

Dennis Dickman