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Letter: Senate was right to pass bill outlawing boycotts

Senate was right to pass bill outlawing boycotts

The New York State Senate recently and commendably passed a bill outlawing boycotts of American allies, including Israel. The Assembly is currently considering the bill, A09036, and I urge readers to contact their Assembly representative to support its passage.

Opposition to this bill is being mounted by supporters of BDS, an organization whose leaders have openly expressed an agenda to destroy Israel as a Jewish state. A recent letter from two of these supporters made a number of false accusations against Israel.

Contrary to what they asserted, Israeli towns and homes in Judea and Samaria are not an obstacle to peace, as they are situated on only 2 percent of the area. Contrary to what they asserted, Israeli government of these disputed areas, mandated by international law, has made great efforts to preserve human rights. This is despite endless Palestinian terrorism, and refusal to coexist peacefully with Israel under any of the numerous proposed agreements granting a Palestinian state.

Efforts to harm American allies like Israel, whether through economic boycotts or through libelous propaganda, should be firmly opposed. The Assembly should pass the bill, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo should sign the bill into law posthaste.

Daniel H. Trigoboff, Ph.D.