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Letter: High taxes are killing citizens of New York

High taxes are killing citizens of New York

How disingenuous can The News be with its editorial on Jan. 24, chastising New York State for the unfriendly business environment that exists here?

Every election season, The News provides its endorsement to every high-taxing, free-spending Democratic candidate who happens to be running that year. The list goes on and on: President Obama, Sen. Charles Schumer, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Brian Higgins, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Byron Brown, et al. Woe to the candidates, of any party, who dare to campaign on a platform of fiscal restraint, for they will be labeled as “insensitive” and “uncaring.”

Meanwhile, the state throws hundreds of millions of dollars at Elon Musk, whose net worth dwarfs that of the Pegulas, to set up shop with SolarCity, a company that has borrowed extensively, and has yet to turn a profit.

Why not try a different approach, such as lessening the tax burden on current state residents and businesses? Maybe those multimillion-dollar “bribes” would not be necessary. Maybe companies would choose to come to New York, rather than be coerced. However, this would mean changes in the positions that make those decisions. Perhaps the editorial staff could make a bold statement in endorsing such a plan.

As the editorial states, “New York has retained its self-defeating status as the state with the highest combined state and local tax burden.”

Insanity is repeating an action, while expecting different results. I believe the state qualifies. As for The News, hypocritical comes to mind.

Brian E. Lew

West Seneca