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Letter: American taxpayers are being fleeced

American taxpayers are being fleeced

I heard Bernie Sanders the other day was complaining about $4 ATM fees. Folks, that’s not a real problem. Go to your own bank or change banks. If we had to write a check to the IRS every week, maybe more people would be complaining about that.

I am convinced that if we didn’t have payroll withholding of our federal taxes, and instead had to write a check every week to the IRS, people would be a lot more upset about how much we pay, and there would be more action taken. How many people change cellphone plans or cable companies because they are disgusted with the rising costs?

The IRS has many Americans fooled, and it knows it. Most homeowners get a nice refund, and are fooled into thinking they’re winning out. Go look at your paystub, America. We are getting robbed! And we can’t change our service providers.

David G. Crewdson