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Fire company in Elma shows off its new eight-wheeled purchase

Blossom Fire Company on Saturday unveiled its new $50,000 utility task vehicle, which is built to handle natural disasters.

The eight-wheel vehicle with full tracks and a trailer – one of just a few in the state – will be available to other area fire companies during mutual-aid responses, said March Schaefer, chief of the volunteer company in Elma.

The vehicle is part of the Argo line of extreme terrain vehicles and designed specificially for fire, rescue and EMS services.

It is amphibous and capable of traversing off-road rural areas, as well as plowing through deep snow. The vehicle also features an EMS stretcher, manpower seating and a fire pump.

The company has 22 members and responds to 130 calls a year. The vehicle, which was purchased through the company’s truck fund, was on display Saturday night for residents and town officials during the annual installation of officers. The fire company also is planning an open house so volunteers of other regional companies can inspect the vehicle.