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Who were those "Sabres" at last night's game?

You may have seen this highlight of a couple of Sabres -- who aren't really Sabres -- from last night's 4-2 Buffalo victory in Montreal.

The fans created a bit of a stir online (reddit user narin000's post led to posts at and cbssportsline, among others) after being caught on camera, looking very much the part right next to the Sabres' bench -- and refreshing themselves with a little more than their water bottles.

However, contrary to those headlines, a very serious development: The two fans do NOT root for the Sabres.

The man on the left is Canadian television personality Wilder Weir, and the man on the right is his friend, Craig. (Thanks to reader Sean Lawson for helping us identify Weir).

According to this morning clip from Canada's Breakfast Television (retweeted by Weir via @WilderWeir), Weir and his friend did it as a gag.

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Apparently they are not super Sabre fans north of the border, they just play them on TV.

UPDATE: Weir -- who also happens to be the son of a former NHL player -- did a segment on the show explaining the gag and confirmed that he and his buddy do not cheer for the Sabres.

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"We don't cheer for them," Weir said on Breakfast Television. "We came up with this crazy idea, we're going to dress up like Buffalo Sabres to try and give the Habs a helping hand, try and get into the Buffalo Sabres' heads. ... Unfortunately, it didn't work out quite the way we wanted to."

Another UPDATE, thanks to reddit user m15km, who wrote that Weir's friend is Craig Klinkhoff, and he looks like a hockey player ... because he's a hockey player -- who is involved with Hockey Without Borders.


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