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Letter: Family-friendly dining can still be found here

Family-friendly dining can still be found here

Recently a letter appeared in this column speaking nostalgically about the Your Host chain of restaurants. The food was good, prices reasonable, atmosphere inviting, and there were jukeboxes at the booths. I also remember them fondly.

The Village of Hamburg is fortunate in that the building that was once a Your Host is still a restaurant with many of the same features. The jukeboxes are gone. The color scheme has changed. There is no longer a smoking area. There is locally created art on the walls. Nevertheless, the family-friendly diner experience remains. Patrons still have the option of table, booth or counter. The menu is varied but unpretentious. The kitchen is right there in full view, so you can enjoy watching your food being prepared.

Western New York offers many great dining opportunities. This one is the closest you can get to Your Host without the use of a time machine.

Tom Hall