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Cleve-Hill Schools have 94 percent graduation rate

The Cleveland Hill School District has a four-year graduation rate of 94 percent despite being the fourth-most-impoverished district on a long list of local schools cited in a presentation at Wednesday night’s School Board meeting.

About 30 local high schools were taken into account for this study, said Daryl Janus, director of curriculum and assessment for the district.

“We’re top third among all 30 of those school districts,” said Janus. “We know morally that every one of those kids is valuable.”

There was also a discussion about the athletics and extracurricular budgets. The request for the 2016-17 athletic budget is $273,000. This includes salaries, officials, physicals and more. That’s up about $3,000 from the current budget. Salaries comprise about $200,000 of the budget.

Board members also discussed streaming events live. Larry King, director of technology, said it already is being done in some cases. “We can do it. We have the technology. We have the equipment. We have the server,” King said.

Anything that’s inside the building that has audio-visual support would be easy to do, but outside the building gets trickier, he said. King said that to start, one staff member and one camera would be employed and eventually a second camera would be added.