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Letter: DA will have his hands full in bid to root out corruption

DA will have his hands full in bid to root out corruption

Bravo to Acting Erie County District Attorney Michael Flaherty for setting up a public corruption unit in the DA’s Office and issuing public corruption guidelines, some of which are based on the mysteriously defunct Moreland Commission of Gov. Andrew Cuomo. To me, this is decades overdue.

Like an iceberg, I’m confident that the public is made aware of only 5 or 10 percent of the corruption in our incestuous, political, public bureaucracy, whether it’s the hiring of friends and family or the outrageous salary increases for senior executives and hiring practices at Erie Community College, as The News has recently and thoroughly reported on. In this case, why the entire board and president have not resigned is a further indication of the status quo in Western New York. Shameless comes to mind, as was once the adjective some used to describe the activities of President Bill Clinton.

I sometimes wonder if half of the time and expense used by the local radio and TV stations to bombard us with mindless weather babble could be better spent on investigative reporting. Wouldn’t that be a more valuable public service? And where has the U.S. attorney been on these issues?

Anyway, hopefully the new DA is doing more than just political posturing and follows through on his excellent proposals with action. I wish him luck because the corruption has become ingrained in this community over decades and will be a challenge to overcome. And I hope the DA and the media keep us informed of the progress in this area.

Lou Speranza