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Letter: Why is the GOP surprised Trump, Cruz are leading?

Why is the GOP surprised Trump, Cruz are leading?

A recently published News article about leaders of the Republican establishment fearing the nomination of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz to represent the party in 2016 seems to be their great concern. Well, all one can say is that these leaders have only themselves to blame.

For years, the Republican Party has been spewing its vitriol, either outright or in coded language, regarding abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage, race, Obamacare or any other Obama initiative. Very little in the way of policies and realistic ideas is coming out of the mouths of any Republican candidates, yet they do a great job of stirring up hatred and suspicion.

Now that all these years of stirring up anger have come to roost on their doorstep, they seem to be concerned and worried that an establishment candidate is not leading in the polls and may result in a Trump or Cruz nomination. As the old saying goes: You made your bed; now sleep in it.

Gerald Scott