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Letter: Police exist to enforce will of ‘big government’

Police exist to enforce will of ‘big government’

I feel I have to take issue with a recent Adam Zyglis editorial cartoon as an example of his political insight. It depicts a stereotypical angry white male complaining that, “Big gov’t is a threat to our freedom!” Meanwhile, a defenseless black man, while being assaulted by several heavily militarized police, exclaims, “Speak for yourself …”

Doesn’t Zyglis understand that the police exist in order to enforce the will of that “big government” he seems to want more of? The unintended irony here is that both groups have reason to fear the obvious potential for abuse of power. Don’t forget, Eric Garner was killed by agents of a city government that felt it wasn’t getting enough cigarette tax money. By definition, government is the only entity that is allowed the legitimate use of force, but as such must always be closely watched.

John Swanson

East Amherst