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Letter: Building would be ideal for Italian culture center

Building would be ideal for Italian culture center

It was interesting to see the article in The News regarding the North Park Library and its status as a landmark. It is a wonderful building and it is also the gateway to Hertel from Delaware Avenue.

This building could be beneficial to the city and community it serves. It is perfect for the creation of an Italian culture center and museum. The area is known as Little Italy. It provides the community with the second largest Italian festival in the country. Its shops, restaurants and stores feature Italian goods.

How is creating the center possible? Just look at the development in the area. Eight out of 10 developers are of Italian descent. They have re-created the area and especially the City of Buffalo. Look at their contributions – mind-boggling. All of their parents or grandparents arrived from different parts of Italy and settled in the Buffalo area.

At one time, these Italian immigrants were told not to apply for work in construction. These jobs went to other immigrants who had a foothold in that industry. After time, employers learned that these Italian immigrants had skills in this field and hired them. They began to dominate it.

Now to the point I am trying to make. Why don’t the American-Italian developers in our area get together, forget their differences and try to make that important building into a museum that would house the artifacts of the early Italian immigrants and also feature the contribution the Italian community has made to our area? All it takes is to get a person among the developers to try to put something together for the good of the community. They have the skill and resources to accomplish this. After all, they have been generous to many other causes, and this one is overdue.

Michael Giallombardo