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City Hallways (Feb.1) Hillary or Bernie? Ted, Donald, Marco?

In recognition of the Iowa caucus, City Hallways is sponsoring its own straw poll.   It will be posted all week.  You can vote in both the Republican and Democratic polls, but  please,  only one ballot per person.  Results published next Monday.

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Zemsky on Green  Code

A letter from Larkinville  founder, creator and  financier Howard Zemsky to City Hall makes it  clear he's  no  fan of of  LED billboards.

Zemsky writes he supports the  city's  proposed Green Code, and hopes it gets adopted, but with one  key  change.  As of  now, the code permits LED billboards in Larkinville, and similar neighborhoods identified as  N-1S or "mixed-used industrial  clusters." Zemsky wants LED and  billboard advertising banned in N-1S neighorhoods, including Larkinville.

"These  signs  are a form  of  visual  blight "   Zemsky wrote.

"LED and  billboard advertising is counter  to what we have rebuilt  in this historic district,"  he continued,  adding: "The look and feel of places like Larkinville are key to  their  success. To  safeguard  these  successes, I ask that  the  Green Code be  revised to prohibit LED  dynamic  displays  and billboards in the N-1S zone."

January death count

First homicide victim of 2016 was Karon  Slaughter, 32,  a Cheektowaga man shot  in Buffalo on  Dec. 23, who died Jan.10.

Also shot to death last month was Elroy Damidaux, 55,  killed Jan. 29  outside  his  Curry Walk apartment in  Towne  Gardens off Clinton  Street.

Also  in January, Shoshana Lilien, 85,  found dead in  her Cunard Street home, apparently  killed  by her daughter, Hannah, 55,  who was found dead of a self-inflicted wound  (not from a gun, we are  told) in a  Pennsylvania hotel  Jan., 27.   (I just  read  Shoshana Lilien's  death notice. It  says that in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to  the  Holocaust Resource Center of Buffalo. The woman, as well as her late  husband, Max, were believed to be Holocaust survivors.)

Big neighborhood meeting in Delaware District

Reminder on that  Deep South Taco meeting, 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at North Buffalo Community Center on  Sanders Road. I'm still getting emails on the  meeting. Could be a big  turn-out.


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