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Super Bowl Trivia Answers

  1.  Jim Kelly (SB26) and Frank Reich (SB27).
  2.  Jeff Wright.
  3.  Glenn Parker (Giants), Cornelius Bennett (Atlanta), Gale Gilbert (San Diego).
  4. Mike Lodish, four with the Bills, two with the Broncos.
  5. Tony Eason, who opened SB20 with six incompletions for the Patriots before he was replaced by Steve Grogan.
  6. Don Chandler, Green Bay, against Oakland in SB2; Ray Wersching, San Francisco, against Cincinnati, in SB16.
  7. Bart Starr (200th overall), Johnny Unitas (109), Roger Staubach (129), Mark Rypien (146), Brad Johnson (227).
  8. Forrest Gregg, Mike Ditka, Raymond Berry.
  9. Chuck Howley, Dallas.
  10. Danny Trevathan, Broncos, SB48.
  11. Stanford (President Herbert Hoover and quarterbacks Jim Plunkett and John Elway; Michigan (President Gerald Ford and Tom Brady) U.S. Naval Academy (President Jimmy Carter and Roger Staubach) and Miami University of Ohio (President Benjamin Harrison and Ben Roethlisberger).
  12. Tony Dorsett, who led the University of Pittsburgh in 1976 before starring for Dallas the following season.
  1. Amsterdam Admirals.
  1. Julien Edelman, Patriots, in SB49.
  2. Mike Garrett, who won the 1965 Heisman and played for the Chiefs in the same game.
  3. Marty Schottenheimer, who had a 200-126-1 record in the regular season but was 0-3 in AFC title games.
  4. Jim Breech, the 5-6 kicker who played for Cincinnati in losses to San Francisco in SB16 and SB23.
  5. Matt Millen: Oakland, San Francisco and Washington.
  6. Deion Sanders (four MLB teams and titles with Niners and Cowboys) and Tom Brown (Senators, and first two Super Bowls with Packers after the Bills selected him in 20th overall).
  7. Bud Grant, who averaged 2.6 points per game over two seasons for the Minneapolis Lakers and eventually coached the Vikings to four Super Bowls, all losses.
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