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Letter: Let’s work hard to achieve Sanders’ great proposals

Let’s work hard to achieve Sanders’ great proposals

Many arguments against Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid represented in The News are fair and others are not.

It is absurd to say that a politician with his track record is a radical. Sanders has served many terms as mayor, congressman and senator, which makes him a mainstream candidate by definition: a politician elected democratically several times over.

Other arguments are more sensible. The electability factor was a great refutation of Sanders’ campaign. Until, that is, several independent polls demonstrated that he is not only projected to defeat every major Republican candidate in a general election, but by a wider margin than Hillary Clinton.

Many pundits have begun to question the practicality of Sanders’ policy proposals. These include Medicare for all, free public college, raising the minimum wage, rebuilding American infrastructure and regulating financial speculation. Very few people have argued that these policies are bad ideas. Sanders is spearheading a populist movement because most people understand that these are great, even imperative, ideas. The argument against Sanders is that these policies are “unrealistic” or “naive.”

Where would we be today if we assumed that our big ideas – the Constitution, abolition, woman’s suffrage, civil rights and fighting fascism, to name a few – had no value because they were hard to achieve? America is great because we have always done what was hard and done it well, against all odds. It’s time for America to get back to work doing what’s hard because it’s the right thing to do.

Timothy A. Collins