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Letter: Great to see Roswell Park in joint venture with Cuba

Great to see Roswell Park in joint venture with Cuba

The easing of tensions between the United States and Cuba has been too long a time coming. Congratulations to Candace Johnson, CEO of Roswell Park, for working with Gov. Andrew Cuomo to bring Cuba’s cancer drugs to the United States. The Cubans really don’t have the resources to try all their drugs in all the settings where the drugs might prove useful. They use their vaccine on lung cancer, because Cuba has a lot of lung cancer, but that vaccine may have a much wider benefit.

And congratulations to the researchers at Roswell Park who talked to the Cuban doctors, saw the merit in their work and moved this joint venture forward.

Part of the reason for the thaw in U.S. relations with Cuba is that the Organization of American States insisted on it. Its stance has helped Roswell Park, and therefore it has helped the Buffalo Medical Campus. So Buffalo, and New York State, will benefit economically from the improved political relations.

Now if we could close the prison, and return the base to Cuba, it might be seen as a sign to the world that peace is profitable.

Martin Gugino