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Letter: Dawkins proudly stands up for science, rational thought

Dawkins proudly stands up for science, rational thought

Atheists are not likely to win any popularity contests in America, so when one is characterized by a reporter who is apparently unaware of his subject’s point of view, it doesn’t help the cause. A recent News article recently reported on Richard Dawkins, who “takes glee in antagonizing religion.” What he takes glee in is standing up for science and rational thinking in a culture dominated by religious or faith-based approaches to knowledge.

The article also says that Dawkins makes “fierce arguments against the existence of a supernatural creator, using scientific evidence to contradict belief in God.” He doesn’t. No rational atheist does, because it’s difficult to impossible to prove a negative. He simply says: I don’t take knowledge on faith; I believe in that which there is evidence for. You don’t have to prove the Easter bunny doesn’t exist in order not to believe in him.

Jeff Whitney, Ph.D.