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Letter: Palin’s son should not have access to firearms

Palin’s son should not have access to firearms

Sarah Palin blamed President Obama for her son’s PTSD. She called it “the elephant in the room.” I believe there’s an uglier elephant that Palin will never see.

Her son Track was charged with assault, interfering with a domestic violence report and misconduct involving weapons. He had an AR-15. He was about to commit suicide. He said: “Do you think I won’t do it?”

Track was living in her home. Being a responsible mother, I assume she insisted he seek counseling for PTSD. What if the counselor had insisted that Track’s guns be taken away? What if he had the government’s authority to do so?

I am sure that Palin would have vetoed any such government action. What if Track had killed himself? What if he had killed others? Someone should have taken his guns away. Does she think we shouldn’t do it?

Paul Murphy

East Aurora