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Letter: Palin has nerve blaming Obama for her son’s arrest

Palin has nerve blaming Obama for her son’s arrest

Just when you think that you have heard every possible complaint against President Obama by the Republicans running for the nomination this year, another one comes out that makes you reconsider this assumption.

I am referring to the former vice presidential candidate from Alaska blaming her son’s domestic violence arrest on being a military person who was deserted by Obama. Sure, there are soldiers who return with PTSD symptoms when returning from a Middle East tour of duty. But to blame the sitting president for her son allegedly punching his girlfriend in the face and walking around with an AR-15 rifle defies belief.

I am sure that if her son really suffered from this disorder that she would be able to obtain very good treatment for him based on her connections. Why, if her assertions are true, did she not prevent her son from obtaining an assault rifle? Oh, I forgot, because that would interfere with his Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Of course, everyone knows that the Republicans say this right can have no restrictions put upon it, since then only the criminals would have guns. Someone should tell them our beloved Constitution has been amended 17 times since the Bill of Rights was ratified, and one more is not going to ruin this great country.

Mark Muchowski

Orchard Park