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Letter: How can we overlook genocide of abortion?

How can we overlook genocide of abortion?

The word “genocide” brings horrible images to the minds of civilized people. We are reminded of the millions of Armenians and Jews who were slaughtered in the 1900s. Even today, ethnic peoples are bring driven from their homes and denied food and water as a method of ethnic cleansing.

We congratulate ourselves as a nation for being better than that. Somehow we don’t consider the elimination of millions of fetuses as genocide. These innocents become medical waste.

Wake up, America. We have become morally bankrupt. We spend millions to save babies who were born prematurely to give them life, but think nothing of ending another’s life. Since Roe v. Wade became law, we have witnessed the genocide of our most vulnerable. Then we have the gall to ask God’s blessing on America. Shame!

Mary A. Blake