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Letter: Entertainment industry must stop glorifying guns

Entertainment industry must stop glorifying guns

On Jan. 5, I listened with undivided attention to President Obama’s outlines for trying to decrease gun violence in this, the most civilized country in the world. I wholeheartedly agreed with everything he proposed, but was bewildered by his omission of the gun violence portrayed in every venue of our entertainment industry, which could be the breeding ground for such belligerent behavior.

If we know that it is psychotic imbalances that produce the end result of deaths, why do we continue to subject our children’s young minds to this continuous gun violence and mayhem? If the entertainment industry feels it is OK for so-called movie heroes to take the law into their own hands and kill people with guns, then why do we blame guns when some high school student shoots his classmates because they bullied him? If the entertainment industry continues to pound this type of behavior into our children’s minds day after day, can we really call ourselves a civilized country?

Is it any wonder that those individuals who are on the borderline of psychosis might slip over the edge and use violence to justify their unstable thoughts? If you take an undeveloped mind and keep showing it movies of people shooting people, what can we expect from this person in adulthood? Young minds become desensitized to death and violence.

Daniel S. Kopec

Orchard Park