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Letter: A Trump presidency would damage nation

A Trump presidency would damage nation

Over the past few months, Donald Trump’s strengthening support has shocked many, including myself. Despite this surge, a President Trump would cause irreversible damage to the United States.

Trump’s plan to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States is counterproductive. Radical Islamic terrorism can only be permanently defeated by Muslims themselves. If Trump’s policies were enacted, a terrible message would be sent to Muslims around the world – the exact people we need aiding us.

Trump would also be a danger in charge of our nuclear arsenal. His brash and arrogant nature shows that he should not be trusted with the military. This important duty of government cannot be left to a novice.

Trump may have extensive business experience, but he has little experience in government. Trump is not informed on the important issues facing us. He asks that we trust him to learn the facts when he is elected. Given the tremendous problems facing us, we cannot elect a person who is not ready to lead. Unfortunately, this may be our last chance to get it right. Let’s not waste it.

Steven Quinlivan