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Letter: We have a responsibility to educate our children

We have a responsibility to educate our children

Every now and then, someone expresses the opinion in this column that school taxes keep going up, which is mostly true in many school districts. Typically, these letters are from taxpayers who no longer have children in the district and feel that they should not have to pay taxes to educate someone else’s child.

Educating our children is each citizen’s responsibility. And, being a people-driven industry, taxes pay the salaries of many people – teachers, administrators, support staff – as well as for supplies, utilities and so on. And, like a home, buildings need repair and upkeep. Who, pray tell, pays for these?

A recent letter writer from Hamburg stated that he will move out of the district if school taxes are raised. My immediate reaction is, “Good luck in finding a school district where taxes do not go up!” And, if the writer chooses to rent, I am sure he is not aware that his rent will go up yearly. Plus, in renting he will lose the deductibility of property and school taxes on IRS Form 1040, which will affect his tax refund. This is clearly a case of “cut off your nose to spite your face.”

Philip Fanone

West Seneca