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Letter: Scaffold Law is doing more harm than good

Scaffold Law is doing more harm than good

As a specialized contractor in the Western New York area, I welcome OSHA and the services it provides for the local construction community. It leads the awareness of safety on construction sites and in our manufacturing community. As an employer in our community, our company follows the rules outlined by OSHA. Following the rules and having a safety program sets you apart from the non-law-abiding contractors. We respect the lives of our workers and we continually train our people in safe work practices.

What puzzles me most is why New York State is the only state in the union that still has a Scaffold Law on the books. A contractor can train his people to every extent to prevent accidents. But how do we accept total fault and no defense whatsoever for employee falls on a job site when they have not followed company policy and overlooked the training provided to them? No defense; guilty as charged!

This is a true cost of construction in New York State. OSHA, yes! Scaffold Law, no!

Roger J. Hoffman