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Letter: Good riddance to GE; let Boston deal with it

Good riddance to GE; let Boston deal with it

A recent News editorial lamented the loss of General Electric to Boston over New York City. Good riddance!

Good riddance to GE, which dumped PCBs into the Hudson River for 30 years and then fought the cleanup in court.

Good riddance to GE, which hasn’t paid federal taxes in years.

Good riddance to all the concessions made to GE, leaving the New York State taxpayer to pick up the bill.

And we all know where corporate profits end up: overseas and untaxed.

Let Boston dole out corporate welfare to GE and let Boston deal with the crisis when, down the line, GE drops the hint that it might move to Texas where the corporate climate is better than Boston.

You can’t win with these behemoths. The Supreme Court tells us “corporations are people, too” so now they get to donate (buy elections) anonymously and in unlimited amounts, but when it come to paying taxes, they are anything but people, filing for all their corporate dodges and credits.

It’s nice when you have two identities to hide behind. Think it’s rigged?

Phil Parshall