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Letter: DOT must do a better job with state’s roads, bridges

DOT must do a better job with state’s roads, bridges

I find it interesting that the New York State Department of Transportation is asking for additional money to fix roads and bridges around the state. It seems to me that if the DOT did the roads and bridges right the first time, there would be much less need for more money. New bridges, such as the ones on Route 90 at mile marker 460 and Route 20 in Alexander, are defective, with huge transition dips and bumps. These are just two examples of many.

The roads the DOT overlays/repaves rut out within a year, making it more hazardous in rain and snowy conditions. New York doesn’t seem to get the idea that its failure to use our taxes properly the first time has made us the highest taxed state in the country. The DOT asks for more money to cover the ineptitude of its engineers. This is only one example of how our leadership doesn’t want to solve the problem with common sense, it wants to solve it with more taxes.

If we have the science and technology to study alien life on Mars, our engineers in the DOT should be able to build smooth, efficient roads and bridges from day one. Or is their job security trumping public safety?

Frank Kolbmann