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Letter: Colored Musicians Club deserved an introduction

Colored Musicians Club deserved an introduction

Where were they? The Colored Musicians. I saw them in the ad. My husband and I were really looking forward to our evening at the recent Kleinhans Music Hall concert. It was our 55th wedding anniversary and what better way to celebrate than to listen to jazz musicians? We had seen so many in person over the years at various venues: Royal Arms, Melody Fair, Kleinhans, the “Church.”

This concert was titled “Orchestra Meets Jazz” and a historical presentation was shown on a screen. The featured guests were the Colored Musicians Club. We had expected to see them front and center on the stage. From our middle stage orchestra seats, we could not see them at all. They sat on folding chairs against the wall on the left side of the stage. They could at least have been introduced at center stage.

It was apparent that the audience appreciated their music and I suspect wished there was more of it. The applause was loud and clear as they played their instruments. Donna Robbins was wonderful and, yes, we could see her as she strolled across the front of the stage.

Pat Webdale