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It seems to us: Not just for breakfast, WNY workers hit the road and sonic assault in the Falls

We probably could have saved the good folks at McDonald’s a lot of time and study and, most of all, earned them a whole lot of money a lot faster by letting them in on the fact that people like breakfast, no matter what time it is. The chain has started offering some breakfast items all day, with predictable results.

Sales at U.S. restaurants open at least 13 months shot up 5.7 percent in the fourth quarter, the second quarterly increase after two years of declines. Same-store sales across all regions were up 5 percent from a year earlier. The increase is being attributed to McDonald’s all-day breakfast initiative. Oh, and the unseasonably warm weather.

Fast-food outlets have figured out what people want. Breakfast – whenever. Please pass the syrup.

We know plenty of Western New Yorkers are snowbirds, leaving behind for several months the dubious charms of a Great Lakes winter. But who knew about the snowbees?

Apiarist John Gibbs knows all about them. The Gowanda businessman operates what is believed to be New York’s only indoor wintering facility for honeybees. But the bees have decamped for the warmer temperatures of Caruthers, Calif., there to help pollinate almond trees, a key part of the state’s agriculture economy. It’s a profitable trip, too. While the round-trip transportation costs $14,000 per truck, almond growers pay a couple hundred dollars for every hive they can rent.

And like all good business deals, no one gets stung. Usually.

It’s like the last scene of the last episode of season four of “The Sopranos.” Tony had agreed to buy an oceanfront house, but ended up separating from Carmella before completing the purchase. The seller, in a neighboring house, wouldn’t let him out of the contract, so Tony stationed a yacht out front and blasted the lawyer and his wife with recordings of Dean Martin performing in Las Vegas. It was driving the lawyer and his wife mad.

They’re being driven mad in Niagara Falls, where the University of Iowa fight song is unaccountably blaring – over and over – from a second-floor window of a vacant building on Third Street. The neighbors are more than a little annoyed, though the irritating noise is apparently not illegal.

On TV, the implication was that Tony Soprano eventually got his deposit back. No one is quite sure what the provocateur from Third Street is looking for.