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Family run Jades Restaurant is full of homey flavors

We had driven by Jades Restaurant many times with, “We should go there.”

We finally picked a cold Tuesday night after being thwarted on a busy Friday when we couldn’t find parking in the tiny lot.

The building sits on an angle on a weird bend on Broadway between Dick and Transit roads. Was the road moved or the building built that way? Jades has been around over 45 years, so we weren’t sure.

The menu doesn’t hold any surprises, which is fine. Burgers and hot sandwiches (like turkey and roast beef) run $7.99-$9.99 and come with fries.

There are several Polish options, including potato pancakes, Czarnina (duck soup), golumbki (stuffed cabbage) and pierogi.

Tempted by the Polish Platter — golumbki, fresh and smoked Polish sausage, potato pancakes, cheese and kraut pierogi and applesauce — at $15.99 it was above our Cheap budget.

The highest priced is the Seafood Platter $17.99 (baked); fried is $15.99. Most dinners range from $8.99-$12.99. Dinners come with soup or salad, choice of potato and a vegetable.

We liked that the menu offered smaller portions — one breaded pork chop ($9.99) vs. two ($13.99); one golumbki ($9.99) vs. two ($13.99); a small fish fry ($8.99) vs. regular ($11.99). A small baked fish is $9.50.

A basket of fresh rye bread and butter hit our table with our drinks — two coffees and a One Buffalo beer. (At the end of the day our bill was only $46.)

We tried the pierogi ($1.75 each) and found them OK, but a little doughy. Cheese was better than sauerkraut.

Our soups were delicious. The Czarnina was a deep chocolate brown with raisins and kluski noodles. It’s on the sweeter side, so add a little vinegar if you don’t like sweet. The turkey rice soup had a delicate flavor along with lots of meat. The velvety, cheesy chicken wing soup had just enough heat and nice chunks of chicken.

The small fish fry was just that — a small piece of fish, not a large one cut in half. Served hot, the batter wasn’t overwhelming, simply a nice coating on fresh, flaky fish (on a Tuesday). Good, fresh cut fries (with the skin) came on the plate, too. The coleslaw and macaroni salad were standard.

The single Golumbki was large, served with plenty of a sweeter tomato sauce. The filling was the right combination of meat and rice, making it fork tender. We ordered mashed potatoes (real) and a vegetable sauté of zucchini and snow peas came out, too.

My breaded pork chop (my friend Ann calls them Polish pork chops) reminded me of weddings of my youth. Super tender, the meat fell off the bone. I slathered on applesauce and went to town.

Twice-baked mashed potatoes came topped with either those crispy onions used on a green bean casserole or crunched up barbecued potato chips, I couldn’t tell. Either way, the mashed were really tasty, and reminded me of a nice homey meal. Or as Sig Other noted leaving, “This place is right up my parents alley.” We’ll be bringing them soon.

Jades Restaurant

Where: 4495 Broadway, Depew (

What: A quintessential neighborhood tavern.

Food hours: 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday; 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday; 3 to 8 p.m. Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Extra: Fish fry all the time. Wings going by looked great; a single is $9.99. Friendly, efficient staff.

Drinks: Moscow Mules (served in a copper cup), seasonal cocktails and local beers.

Wheelchair accessible: XXXX