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Snowstall: Buffalo 15th among snowiest U.S. cities

Last week's East Coast blizzard shook the standings up like a snow globe.

When everything settled and the storm moved out to sea, Buffalo was knocked out of its usual perch in the nation's Top Ten snowiest cities.

There are the usual suspects: Erie, Pa. is in second-place. Syracuse is third.

But places like New York City. Baltimore. Allentown, Pa. Newark, N.J. have also logged more snowfall in 2015-16 than Buffalo.

So have South Bend, Ind. Spokane, Wash. And, Flint, Mich.

You won't see this reported in the national media, but Buffalo, N.Y. is currently in 15th place.


For winter snowfall.

After back-to-back winters of above-average snowfall that saw the city finish in the top four twice -- fourth-place last year with 112.9 inches and third-place the year before with 129.9 inches for the season -- Buffalo has recorded 26 inches of snow this winter as of late Wednesday.

That's more than 32 inches less than a normal winter by this date.

Last year, it officially picked up 54.4 inches by Jan. 28 (including the November storm-storm that paralyzed the Southtowns and attracted world-wide attention), and there was already 80.6 inches that had fallen by this date in 2014.

The least amount of the snow ever recorded at Buffalo since measurements started being kept at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport around World War II occurred four years ago, over the 2011-12 winter, weather service statistics show. That year, only 36.7 inches fell.

It's still early to start shooting for that mark. Only 20 inches had fallen in Buffalo by Jan. 28, 2012.

But, you never know.

Although there are snow showers in the forecast over the next few days, nothing significant is expected.

Starting Sunday the region warms up dramatically with a high forecast of 50 degrees. The warmth continues through much of next week, forecasts show.

Extended forecasts show February to be well above-average for temperature - possibly up to 8 degrees warmer than a normal February.

Here's the list of the Top 25 snowiest cities, as reported by Patrick DeCoursey of the Golden Snow Globe National Snow Contest:




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