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Local companies will deliver donated water to Flint

Two local businesses have stepped up to help True Bethel Baptist Church deliver clean, safe drinking water to residents of Flint, Mich.

The church had planned to deliver the water to Flint itself, but ROAR Logistics in Buffalo and George Campbell Trucking in the Town of Tonawanda are teaming up to coordinate and pay for the delivery.

ROAR is donating manpower to help with receiving donations, organizing inventory, and loading pallets and shrink-wrapping the water. ROAR and George Campbell are sharing the cost to transport the donations.

ROAR, a subsidiary of Rich Products, is headed by President Bob Rich III.

True Bethel is collecting bottled water for Flint residents whose public water supply is undrinkable. Those interested in donating bottled water can bring it to True Bethel’s main church at 907 East Ferry St. or its 472 Swan St. location by Thursday.

“This is an incredible effort by so many people and a tremendous example of cooperation, from the folks at the True Bethel church to the hundreds of volunteers, to all of the people that are stopping by to donate water,” Rich said. “It’s really just another illustration of what we mean when we say Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors.”

Rich said the companies will provide as many trucks as volunteers can fill.

In a separate initiative, Walmart, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle have vowed to provide Flint’s public school students with clean water throughout the rest of the year. They will donate 176 truckloads containing 6.5 million bottles of water.

Flint is facing a public health crisis that began in 2014, when a change in water supply led to corrosion of city pipes.