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Letter: We need to ban smoking in individual apartments

We need to ban smoking in individual apartments

The Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority (BMHA) deserves to be applauded for its decision to forbid smoking in its apartments. I’m praying this becomes a law for every apartment building, including privately owned.

I speak as a mom of an asthmatic teen who also gets migraines from smoke. As for me, smoke causes unrelenting migraines, makes my own asthma extremely bad and is making my COPD worse each day. Having been around all this smoke in my apartment complex for eight years, I now have chirps, pops and squeaks that come from my lungs constantly.

I do not have the money to move, and no agencies will help. For nonsmokers, this isn’t fair, right or moral. My son and I suffer every day. Out of the five other apartments joined to ours, we are the only nonsmokers, and their deadly and disgusting smoke cannot be avoided. It is making us very sick! The smoke goes through the ventilation, through the range hoods, under the doors, into the hall, up from the floor below, etc. We have no relief. Heavy-duty air cleaners/filters do not help.

My son and I wish there’d be a ban on smoking inside individual apartments. Not only is the smoke bad for smokers and nonsmokers, it is very dangerous. We came from another complex where the woman across the hall chain-smoked while on oxygen, and while on sleeping pills for her cancer. After she died, I went in to help clean out her apartment, and came across one of her favorite blue blankets. It was covered with cigarette burns. As a mom, this was horrifying. I thank God that our apartment building didn’t burn down or blow up.

Those who like their “smokes” have no clue what many of us nonsmokers are going through. It is torture. Please, lawmakers: Help prevent smoking in all apartments.

Patricia Ruggiero

Village of Orchard Park