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Letter: Many fighting wind project would welcome solar power

Many fighting wind project would welcome solar power

In response to his Jan. 20 letter, “New York sorely needs clean, renewable energy,” Arthur “Jerry” Kremer should not assume that everyone opposed to the Lighthouse Wind Project in Somerset and Yates townships is opposed to “all” green energy. I, for one, would welcome solar panels in our town, especially on the acreage where our coal plant is located. I do not oppose nuclear energy production.

What I oppose is turning our townships’ skyline into that of New York City’s Manhattan with up to 70 wind turbines of 600 feet or more. Many people do not realize these turbines will be the tallest structures in the state outside of New York City. Being from Long Island, looking at the Manhattan skyline is a daily event for Kremer. Unlike the skyscrapers in New York, the wind turbines will not have a long life (15 to 20 years). What is to become of them when they are no longer viable?

Corky Coates