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Letter: Delaware North should drop lawsuit over Yosemite names

Delaware North should drop lawsuit over Yosemite names

Did we not just pay Delaware North a large amount of money to stay in Buffalo and move down the street a few blocks?

Now the company wants Americans to pay it millions to buy back the names of some of our national park properties in Yosemite. Who are these people who think taxpayers should pay for something that we already own?

Corporations like them think we owe them just because they believe we cannot live without them in our community and country. Well, I believe we can.

Let’s stop paying millionaires our hard-earned money that they feel they are entitled to. Delaware North should have been told to leave Buffalo if it desired, instead of being paid to grace us with its presence.

Let’s concentrate on getting some companies to come here because we have a beautiful region and great people.

As for the national park debacle, why does not the government put an end to this money grab from this greedy business and get on with some of our important concerns?

William Kraus