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Letter: Amherst Town Board is headed down wrong path

Amherst Town Board is headed down wrong path

On Jan. 12, The News published an editorial called, “Failing the test.” Attention was drawn to the resolutions by the new Amherst Town Board majority replacing all the town attorneys. This was not a wise decision. A week earlier, George Will’s column, titled “Criminalizing politics,” made the connection between politics and power. He said, “Democratic politics is always and everywhere a transactional business. Promises are made to secure permission to wield power. If we support you, will you pursue policies we prefer?”

There needs to be continuity in the functions of the government to ensure that citizens are treated responsibly. One wonders what promises were made to what lawyers that they would circumvent the Town’s Human Resources Department and the usual vetting process. It was suggested, and now appears likely, that the town will pay a costly price for this unwise move.

Amherst residents need to speak up at meetings and monitor the actions of the new board. Politics and government should be two separate items, but it does not appear the new board is heading down this path. The words of Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis seem to ring true: Zeal to impose will is haste, and haste creates waste.

Mark Rivard