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Newstead intends to purchase new fire truck

The Newstead Fire Company will hold a public hearing at 8 p.m. Feb. 15 on the purchase of a new $650,000 fire truck.

The hearing will be held at the Newstead Fire Hall, 5691 Cummings Road, Akron. The Newstead Town Board approved the hearing during Monday evening’s meeting.

According to Councilman John Jendrowski, however, the truck may have already been delivered to the fire company. The board approved the purchase of the truck several months ago, he said, with a delivery date set for around Christmas.

“Someone must have dropped the ball at the fire company where they needed to have a public hearing,” Jendrowski said, noting that he was unsure if the truck had been delivered yet. “I don’t know what good this public hearing is going to do now.”

Jendrowski said the board’s only role in the matter is to approve the fire company conducting a public hearing.

The board also appointed Jim Pusateri as assistant disaster coordinator for 2016. Pusateri will work with current deputy Disaster Coordinator Joe Hawes and Disaster Coordinator Dan Kowalik.

The town tries to carry three people in coordinating positions, Jendrowski said, adding that the previous assistant resigned.

“We’ve had problems where, especially in the summertime, everyone’s on vacation,” he said, explaining why the town carries three coordinators. “We just want to make sure there’s always someone here in case something happens.”

The board also placed a limit on who can use the Newstead Cultural Center.

The motion approved by the board will allow only community groups to use the facility, barring private parties.

Jendrowski said a group had been loud in the Cultural Center, which is housed in the Newstead Library.

“We have other facilities they can go to,” he said.