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Letter: Schools must test changes before implementing them

Schools must test changes before implementing them

With our governor backing away from Common Core because of poor results, why are we being rushed into new programs, approved by leaders jumping on the bandwagon, with no trial or test schools? How is it then tied to funding if resisted or not implemented? These are our tax dollars entrusted for the good of all children.

Scores of children suffer before failures are admitted. In elementary school, our child and several classmates were held back when the school tried “new reading” and dropped phonics for awhile. We had to pay for outside tutoring. The tutor used phonics.

This idea of allowing self-professed transgender kids into locker rooms and bathrooms of the opposite sex is one to test. Consider girls dealing with figure changes and menstruation beginning. This is embarrassing and stressful without losing privacy to someone physically male. My granddaughter says they shower after swimming and gym.

Would you want to be in this situation? Be sure, because one article said this policy may apply to health clubs and public places also, and people have camera phones. With two or four transgender kids in a school with several hundred kids, why isn’t the majority good being considered? Also, we know teens are sometimes confused about sexuality.

Teachers are spread thin now. Will they have to monitor bathrooms as well? Learning should be the priority. Children have enough drama and distraction. Let’s see if this works before we cause any more damage. Aren’t our children worth a little time to see?

Chris Estes

North Tonawanda